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UnPython: Converting Python Numerical Programs Into C
Cilities such as exceptions, iterators, generators, runtime code generation, etc. 5. Arbitrary for-loops are not supported. However plemented in Java and Scala. To read the tempo-rary file, the compiler uses a parser generated by ANTLR. … View Document

Combinator Parsing In Scala
Grammars and parser generators. Scala The grammar written in Scala looks similar. As opposed to ANTLR, the Scala grammar is also a self-contained executable Scala code. No further source code for parsing is required. // Parser defexpr = xor … Fetch Doc

Also provides code generators for those pat-terns, so the DSL can target heterogeneous hardware (multicore CPU, Lexer Parser Type checker Analysis Optimization Code generator Scala generator CUDA generator C++ generator Input data Target compilers (scalac, g++, nvcc) … Visit Document

Syntax Tree Ngerprinting: A Foundation For Source Code …
Beyond the comparison of costs, a key-point of similarity detection tools relies on their scala-bility. Indeed, generators producing a DFA and parser generators allowing linear time syntactic analysis using for example LALR(k) or LR(k) algorithms). … View Doc

Gel: A Generic Extensible Language
Several other languages, including Haskell[18], Scala[24] and Smalltalk[15], allow arbitrary infix operators. 4.5 ANTLR and other parser generators We have used Gel to parse grammar specification languages, including ANTLR [25] and Rats! … Retrieve Here

ArXiv:1010.5023v1 [cs.PL] 24 Oct 2010
Also avoid the precompilation overhead of traditional parser generators; this cost is amortized (and memoised) acrossthe parse itself. In addition, derivative-based based parser combinators in Scala. Implementations of the combinator library … View Doc

And the Handle-based, stdio-like IO. We relate them to online parser com-binators. We introduce a simple implementation as free Iteratee IO has since been ported to F#,2 Scala and other languages. 1 http://hackage.haskell and generators of Alphard [12] (which now live as Java streams … Access Full Source

WETSUIT: An Efficient Mashup Tool For Searching And Fusing …
Captured by the script language, e.g., an HTML parser for screenscraping web sites. Second, mashup workflows mined by source-specific query generators and the most Scala provides a series of powerful and flexible language features (e.g., im- … Access Doc

DSLs From The Perspective Of Extensible Languages
Scala [Rompf et al., 2011] Marginally: TEX, m4 7/32. Extensibility Didier Verna DSL Overview syntax and you write a full parser to process them program generators. In Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, volume 14. Elsevier. Kay, A. C. … Doc Viewer

Gel: A Generic Extensible Language
parser generators, configuration files, CSS styles, and make files. Scala[23] and Smalltalk[15], allow arbitrary infix operators. The precedence of most operators is defined by their first char acter as defined in Figure 2. … Retrieve Full Source

Experiences With Domain-Specific Language Embedding In Scala
Ing generators for language specifications in the Eli sys- PIESSENS, F., AND ODERSKY, M. Parser combinators in scala. Tech. Rep. Report CW 491, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, February 2008. [19] MOREAU, P., RINGEISSEN, C., AND VITTEK, M. A Pattern Matching Compiler for Multiple Target … View Doc

Language Virtualization For Heterogeneous Parallel Computing
Lexer Parser Type checker Analysis Optimization Code gen DSLs adopt front -end from highly expressive embedding language but can customize IR and participate in backend phases Stand-alone DSL implements everything generators (Scala, Cuda, … Document Retrieval

Senior Developer/Architect
• Development of parsers and/or parser generators for the new DSL • Integration of semantic and graphing technologies • Experience with Groovy/Scala or Clojure • Spring Integration/Camel/Mule or another framework • JBPM, Activiti or Taverna … Get Doc

TOOL PAPER: ScalaBison Recursive Ascent-Descent Parser Generator
The number of parser generators using LL or (LA)LR technologies is great. There are fewer tools generating recursive ascent parsers [5,10], and to our knowledge only Horspool has previously written a recursive ascent-descent parser generator. The Scala parser combinator … Access Doc

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XML Parsers A parser is a program that will read a ScXML ScXML is a Java application that reads the TVSCHEDULE file described earlier and converts it into Scala Lingua™ script code to display on SATV’s but there are online DTD generators that work from your XML files that … Read Full Source

On The Impact Of DSL Tools On The Maintainability Of Language …
Ruby, Scala). External DSLs, on the other hand, are often developed using DSL tools. Such tools in-clude parser generators (e.g., ANTLR, Yacc), transformation easily understood since parser generators take away much of the boiler plate code required to write a parser, for instance iteration, … Retrieve Full Source

QuickCheck-Style Testing Of Embedded Software Using The …
Is to write generators which can produce suitable input data with the help of inbuilt Scala, and C. In this thesis, we have provided a similar framework for 19 File format from python parser to be read by PropEr . . . . . . .22 … Access Document

Parsing All Of C By Taming The Preprocessor
Ing the parser through a new LL parser combinator library. Third, its Scala-based implementation is relatively slow. In our tests on x86 Linux, it has a median per-file latency of 17.9 seconds, 90th Many parser generators and libraries, including Bison and Type-Chef, … Content Retrieval

Lightweight Modular Staging
Lexer Parser Type checker Analysis Optimization Code gen DSLs adopt front-end from highly expressive generators to use at runtime This is exactly what the scala-virtualized compiler does … Access Full Source

LR Parser Generators and Attribute Grammars. (There is a Scala starter project you may use as well, but please implement the Visitor pattern as described instead of case classes. The Visitor pattern is a design pattern you will see in many … Document Viewer